Egypt to Construct World’s Longest Artificial River for Agriculture

The new Egypt project is valued at 160 billion Egyptian pounds ($5.25 billion)

Egypt has revealed plans to build the longest artificial river in the world, stretching 114 kilometers in length. The project, known as the “New Delta,” is valued at $5.25 billion and aims to expand the cultivation of strategic crops, which will subsequently reduce food imports, particularly of wheat.

The project is expected to open up numerous job opportunities and contribute to achieving food security and import substitution. The “New Delta” will comprise two additional projects: “Egypt’s Future” and the “South of El-Dabaa Axis.”

The agricultural land to be cultivated from the project will cover 2.2 million acres, and the water supply to the river will rely on the recycling of agricultural drainage water and groundwater. President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi said that the project will be the largest in Egypt’s history, and will be situated along the new Rawd Al-Farag-Dabaa axis road.

The project is also close to airports and ports and aims to provide high-quality agricultural products at reasonable prices, contributing to reducing imports, saving hard currency, and achieving sustainable development goals. It is expected to provide about 10,000 direct jobs and more than 360,000 indirect jobs.