As cloud demand grows, AWS launches an office in Johannesburg

Amazon Web Services (AWS), a provider of cloud computing, has launched a new office in Johannesburg to accommodate rising client demand.

According to a statement from AWS, the new office will support South Africa’s expanding cloud market and offer a variety of services to businesses of all sizes, including start-ups, large corporations, and government organizations, in order to foster innovation, cut costs associated with information technology (IT), and speed up cloud migrations.

According to the company, the new office is part of Amazon’s growing investment in South Africa. AWS originally began its presence in Cape Town in 2004 by establishing a development center there to advance, among other things, networking-focused technology, cutting-edge customer support software, and software utilized by AWS.

Through AWS Direct Connect, the Amazon worldwide network reached Africa in 2017. In addition, AWS introduced Amazon CloudFront sites in Johannesburg and Cape Town in 2018.

The R365 million AWS Equity Equivalent Investment Programme was established by AWS in 2019 and, according to the company, it supports the growth of 100% black-owned South African small enterprises in the information and communications technology industry.

When Amazon introduced the Africa (Cape Town) Region, the first AWS Infrastructure Region in South Africa, in 2020, it further demonstrated its dedication to the continent.

The AWS Region, according to the company, enables companies and government agencies of all sizes to develop cloud apps, store their data locally, and establish remote working platforms, all while having even lower latency when connecting to end users across Africa.

“Johannesburg has a fantastic talent pool of highly talented and imaginative individuals. According to Chris Erasmus, country manager for AWS, it is home to numerous eminent South African businesses that are setting the pace for digital innovation as well as rapidly expanding start-ups.

“We have seen increased adoption of AWS technology in the country, which has fuelled the need to service our customers from their centre of operations. The new office will support customers to innovate, lower their IT costs, and grow their organisations by leveraging the cloud. We look forward to fostering the country’s pioneering spirit alongside our customers by helping them accelerate their digital transformation and deliver innovative new products and services to the South African economic landscape.”

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