Bogatsu appointed Peermont Botswana new general manager

Peermont Botswana has appointed a new General Manager, Keletso Bogatsu, who will be shifting the status quo and returning hospitality to the Golden Age.

A strategic move made by Peermont in 2021 was to consolidate the management of the 3 Botswana properties under a single leadership vision.

The Gaborone-born General Manager was promoted to fully-fledged status in November of 2021 and boasts a pedigree of over 25 years in the tourism and gaming industry.

‘The unifying of Peermont’s Botswana properties is the new direction to elevate the brand to premier status post-COVID-19 restrictions, which have impacted the hospitality, tourism, and gaming industry severely in the last 18 months. Number one on my list is to bring back Peermont Botswana from the hurt that was caused by the pandemic, by using the innovative solutions and technological advancements that have been developed recently. Then to bring the properties in Botswana to operate as one, under the banner of Peermont Botswana. Meaning, all the processes, operating procedures, and strategies are aligned,’ says Bogatsu.

Bogatsu is currently one of only two female General Managers at Peermont and the first Motswana (person from Botswana), which only inspires her further.

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